Best Strategies to Maintain the Homeoblock and DNA appliances


clean dna appliance


The DNA and Homeobock appliances are to be worn 10 – 16 hours per day. We advise our patients to brush their teeth after dinner and wear the devices through the night. For most people that will add up to at least 10-12 hours of wear time. The DNA and Homeoblock need to be immediately cleaned in the morning after being removed from the mouth. If the appliances are not cleaned right away, plaque and saliva will dry onto the appliances and it will be much more difficult to clean. Saliva has calcium and other minerals that can become rock hard after drying and precipitating onto the appliances. If the appliances are not properly cleaned on a daily basis, they will begin to smell and look disgusting.

The Homeoblock device is the most popular adult expansion appliance at The TMJ Sleep and Breathe Center in Vienna Virginia. Keeping expansion appliances clean and hygienic is an important part of treatment.


How to Clean DNA and Homeoblock Appliances


Immediately brush the Homeoblock or DNA appliance with moderate pressure using a high power electric tooth brush such as a Sonicare or Oral B professional. Be sure to clean the springs, expansion mechanisms and the entire surface of the appliances. It is not advisable to use tooth paste. Baking soda or fine pumice can be used but is not necessary. Plaque and other minerals are very easy to clean just after the appliance is removed from the mouth.


Cleaning with Polident 3 Minute Cleaning Tablets


Cleaning the DNA or Homeoblock with Polident Tablets is fine. The tablet can be dissolved in water and the appliances can be soaked over night. In the morning, remove the appliances from solution and clean with moderate pressure using a high power electric tooth brush such as a Sonicare or Oral B professional. Be sure to brush the expansion mechanisms well from the inside and outside of the appliances. Over time, the threads of the mechanisms can calcify and become difficult to turn.


Soaking the DNA Appliance in Hydrogen Peroxide


we do not advise soaking expansion appliances in hydrogen peroxide for any period of time. The peroxide is a strong cleaning that will cause corrosion of the appliance springs over time. The springs are a medical grade metal, but over time they will corrode if exposed to strong cleaners such as peroxides.


Removing Tarter/Hard Plaque from DNA and Homeoblock Devices


If a lot of yellow hard plaque is visible on the DNA or Homeoblock, the appliances can be soaked in a mixture of 50/50% white vineger and water for up to 20 minutes. Vinegar is a mild acid called acetic acid. Mild acids do a great job of breaking down calcium deposits. After the removing the appliances from the vinegar, clean them with moderate pressure using a high power electric tooth brush such as a Sonicare or Oral B professional.

Do not use blunt instruments or tools to remove plaque build-up from the appliances. Doing so can case damage to the springs or the expansion mechanisms. Also do not scrape plaque and forcefully remove from the underside of the upper appliance. Sometimes gross removal of plaque will cause the appliance to need to be adjusted by the dentist. Because removing a lot of plaque can change the way the appliance fits to the teeth and the overall bite.

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What are Adult Expansion Appliances?


We prefer the use of the term “growth appliances.”  They are small retainer-like devices that promote growth of the jaws. The goal is to grow the jaws into a more optimal size and shape. Teeth will have space to fit. The tongue will have room to fit into the palate. And air will pass without resistance between the nose, airway and lungs.  Expanders work by applying a light pressure in the direction the jaws need to grow. They are not mechanical devices and do not cause pain. The appliance mimics tongue pressure and encourages proper tongue posture. The appliances only need to be worn at night and are removed during the day.

If you are suffering from TMJ pain, sleep apnea and mouth breathing, adult expanders can correct your problem. Dr. Adams‘ favorite appliance, the DNA appliance can stop mouth breathing in adults. No one appliance is the best for every case. Every patient is different and needs to be individually diagnosed. We design treatment plans and appliances depending on the specific needs of each patient. For example a patient with severe sleep apnea will be treated differently than someone with only jaw pain, head aches and forward head posture.


What is The DNA Appliance:


vivos dna appliance


The DNA appliance was originally invented by Dr. Singh. The DNA device is the most versatile of all adult expanders. It is the most comfortable adult appliance. The Homeoblock device is very similar to the DNA and it is equally comfortable and works the same as he Vivos DNA appliance in most cases. Neither appliance is better than the other. It is case by case.


What is the Homeoblock Appliance?


homeoblock appliance


The Homeoblock appliance was invented by Dr. Belfor and is exclusively for adults. The Homeoblock appliance can be designed exactly as the DNA appliance. The Homeoblock is he grandfather of all adult expanders. It has been in use for over 30 years. The DNA and the Homeoblock look very similar in appearance with the exception of the different spring design. The similarities are not surprising because Dr. Singh and Dr. Belfor used to work together.

The Homeoblock works by stimulating bone growth with a unilateral bite block. The theory is everyone has one side of their face that is under developed more than the other. The bite block is classically placed on the weaker side and stimulates bone to start growing. The Homeoblock can also be designed with a bilateral bite block by the provider. The Homeoblock is custom designed to address the individual needs of each patient. The device is highly customizable and versatile.

The Homeoblock is very similar to the DNA appliance, but may be better in cases where there are more facial asymmetries and cranial strains. The DNA and Homeoblock appliances are both adapted Schwarz devices with a special spring and bite plane area.

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