Traveling Orthodontic Appliance Program to TMJ Sleep and Breathe Center


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Dr. Adams treats patients from around the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area, but also from all over the United States and Abroad. We can help you with directions and recommendations.

Virtual Consultations: We offer remote consultations to people from anywhere in the world via phone, SKYPE, or FaceTime. Please contact the office to schedule a virtual consultation.


How to be a Traveling Patient:


  1. Schedule a Virtual Consultation by Calling for an appointment
  2. Send us a full mouth series of x-rays aka FMX, panoramic xray or 3D cone beam scan (we must receive 1 week prior to your Virtual Consultation with the Doctor).
  3. Send photgraphs you can take with your phone. (we will describe what we need when you call).
  4. Have the virtual consultation with doctor Adams
  5. Dr. Adams will put together an approximate treatment plan based on your goals and your needs. The Treatment Plan will include what you need to have done, how long the treatment will take and how much it will cost. We will make our best effort to plan your treatment in as few visits as possible (one visit if at all possible)
  6. Schedule Your treatment appointment
  7. We will see you for an exam the day before your appointment, where we will take an actual look at you case and make any final necessary changes to your treatment plan. We will review the changes with you prior your treatment appointment. If any changes are made based on what we see, will let you know about the changes and get your approval.


Select one of three major airports:


  1. Washington DC International/Reagan Airport
  2. Washington Dulles International
  3. Baltimore/Washington International


Hotel Accommodations:


Best to look on or similar.

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