If you’re battling sleep apnea, Vivos appliances may be a breath of fresh air. These innovative oral devices stand out by targeting the root cause of breathing disruptions, offering a non-surgical approach to potentially long-term relief. Dive into the mechanics, benefits, and real-world impact of Vivos treatment options, providing you with informed insights for your journey towards better sleep. The TMJ Sleep and Breathe Center is a Vivos provider. Dr. Adams has over 15 years of experience with Vivos. C

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Important Points about Vivos Appliances


  • Vivos oral appliances are non-surgical, FDA-approved devices designed to permanently treat sleep-disordered breathing, including obstructive sleep apnea, by realigning the jaw and expanding the palate.
  • The Vivos treatment is a customizable, non-surgical solution that focuses on correcting the anatomical causes of sleep apnea, potentially providing lifelong benefits and reducing the risk of related health conditions.
  • Vivos provides a tailored treatment plan through advanced diagnostics and personalized fitting, offering an alternative to CPAP machines and surgical interventions for both adults and children.


Understanding Vivos Oral Appliances


Vivos appliance


When whispers of sleep apnea circulate, the bulky image of CPAP machines often clouds one’s mind. Cast aside the cumbersome and embrace the sleek sophistication of Vivos oral appliances. These non-surgical marvels are FDA-approved for the young and the mature alike, providing solace for a spectrum of sleep-disordered breathing cases.

Vivos treatment transcends beyond a temporary fix, leading towards a potential permanent resolution. It gently realigns the anatomical culprits behind obstructive sleep apnea, avoiding the invasiveness of traditional methods.


Vivos Appliance Video about Curing Sleep Apnea


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We also offer other adult palatal expanders such as ALF Orthodontics and Homeoblock appliances.


The Science Behind Vivos Treatment


vivos dna appliance


Join the scientific journey with Vivos treatment, which unveils the mystery of sleep apnea at its core. The Vivos protocol, a tapestry of dental sleep medicine and orthodontic innovation, meticulously corrects anatomical abnormalities that constrict the breath of life during slumber.

The Vivos system, via strategic palate expansion and jaw repositioning, potentially offers lifelong unobstructed breathing and peaceful sleep, extending its influence beyond the night.


Craniofacial Development and OSA


Craniofacial issues, such as an under-developed upper jaw or a reverse lower jaw, can choke the life from one’s sleep, ushering in the dreaded specter of obstructive sleep apnea. Vivos methodology serves not only as a treatment but also as a future safeguard, steering pediatric jaw growth away from the constraints of sleep-disturbed nights.

And with this foresightful correction comes a cascade of health boons, shielding against the silent assassins of hypertension and heart disease that lurk in the shadows of untreated moderate obstructive sleep apnea, making common sleep apnea treatments essential for those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea osa and experiencing sleep apnea symptoms, ultimately reducing sleep apnea symptoms.


How Vivos Appliances Work


Vivos appliances, the architects of slumber, operate with finesse, gently reshaping the airway to accommodate smooth breathing. By day, they are inconspicuous, and by night, they transform into guardians of the airway, ensuring a tranquil journey through the dreamscape and allowing you to sleep soundly without disrupting the rhythm of daily life.


Customization: Tailoring Vivos for You


vivos device


The Vivos experience is a symphony of personalization, commencing with the meticulous crafting of a Vivos oral appliance that is as unique as the individual it rejuvenates. From advanced imaging to biometric precision, each Vivos device is a testament to the bespoke nature of the treatment vivos permanently addresses.


From Consultation to Custom Fit


Your journey with Vivos initiates with the first consultation. Here, within the walls of a sleep center, a thorough assessment unfolds, embracing the latest in diagnostic wizardry, from 3-D scans to home sleep tests. A tailored Airway Intelligence report emerges, charting a course to a night free from the tumult of obstructive sleep apnea.


Ensuring Comfort and Compliance


Smile 360, with its warm environment, assures a comforting transition to Vivos, as peaceful as the sleep it promises. The staff, known for their gentleness and professionalism, are the unsung heroes in this tale of transformation, fostering an environment where patients readily acclimate to their new nocturnal companion.


Real Results: Patient Success Stories with Vivos


vivos sleep apnea appliance


The chronicles of those who have found solace in Vivos speak volumes of its potency. Tales of tranquil nights and days brimming with energy are common refrains among the chorus of satisfied souls. Many patients, like Scott Cornell, have experienced emancipation from the chains of CPAP, while others, such as Jeannette Hayward, have a five-year testament to enduring health. The echoes of success resonate deeply.


The Non-Surgical Advantage of Vivos Appliances

Illustration of non-surgical advantage of Vivos treatment


In a scenario where surgery is a daunting solution to obstructive sleep apnea, Vivos provides hope with its non-surgical approach. This path less trodden shuns the risks and invasiveness of surgery, offering instead a gentle yet effective remedy that reshapes the airway with the grace of a sculptor.


The Longevity of Vivos Treatment


Vivos offers a 12 to 24-month journey that redefines one’s relationship with sleep, rather than a fleeting affair. With the voyage’s end comes a new dawn, as the structural transformations etched by Vivos stand as a permanent bastion against the return of sleep apnea’s grip.


Aligning Vivos with Pediatric Needs


For the saplings of society, Vivos offers a nurturing hand, guiding the growth of young jaws and fostering an environment where healthy breathing is as natural as play. This early intervention weaves a preventive tapestry, safeguarding our youth from the insidious creep of sleep-disordered breathing.


Addressing Early Development Concerns


The Vivos pediatric appliance is not just a daytime nighttime appliance, but a beacon of hope. It helps children overcome nocturnal breathing troubles and guides them towards a bright future full of smiles and free from the shadow of sleep apnea.


The Role of Vivos in Preventing Future Orthodontic Problems


Vivos’s foresight in pediatric jaw care is a story of orthodontic rescue, where early jaw development vigilantly keeps the need for braces at bay.


Comparing Vivos to Other Oral Appliances


Among oral appliances, the dna oral appliance by Vivos stands out, providing not just temporary relief like its counterparts, but also permanent structural correction through oral device treatment.


Financing Your Path to Better Sleep


Vivos treatment is accessible, with various financial pathways to bridge the gap between the desire for restful sleep and the attainment of peaceful nights.


Professional Endorsement of Vivos


Endorsements from esteemed professionals like Dr. Vincent Ip, a pioneer in dental sleep medicine, lend Vivos credibility and invite those in need towards its promise of restorative sleep.




As our journey through the world of Vivos comes to an end, we reflect on the transformative power of these oral appliances. From the personalized approach to the lasting results, Vivos stands as a testament to the ingenuity of non-surgical solutions in the battle against sleep apnea. The endorsements of medical professionals and the chorus of success stories from patients are a clarion call to those seeking sanctuary from the unrest of sleepless nights. Embrace the Vivos treatment, and step into a world where restful sleep is not just a dream, but a nightly reality.


Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I expect to see results from Vivos treatment?


Many patients notice improvements in sleep quality and reduction in sleep apnea and snoring symptoms within days or weeks of starting Vivos therapy. Early signs of progress can be seen relatively quickly.


Is Vivos treatment painful?


No, Vivos treatment is designed to be comfortable and non-invasive, with most patients adjusting to the device within a few weeks.


Can Vivos appliances help children as well as adults?


Yes, the Vivos system is FDA-approved for both children and adults, effectively promoting proper jaw growth and healthy nasal breathing in children to prevent future orthodontic problems.


Do I have to wear the Vivos appliance forever?


No, Vivos treatment usually lasts 12-24 months, and after completing the treatment plan, the structural changes and relief from sleep apnea symptoms are expected to be permanent.


How does Vivos compare to using a CPAP machine?


Vivos treatment aims to address the underlying causes of sleep apnea and offers a potentially permanent, non-invasive solution, unlike CPAP machines which manage symptoms nightly.

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