The AGGA Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance

What is The AGGA Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance?


agga appliance


The AGGA is an appliance that does a great job of promoting forward growth but that is about it. The device usually needs to be followed by braces and other appliances to straighten the teeth and attempt to position the lower jaw. The AGGA cannot expand the width of the upper jaw. And this later deficiency is probably the largest pitfall of the appliance. We do not use this appliance.

The AGGA is a fixed appliance that stays in the mouth all the time like braces. It cannot be removed the patient. It collects food during eating. The appliance is not very useful for treatment patients who have TMJ pain because it leaves them biting their teeth. Many dentists use a lower splint at the onset of treatment called a Gelb appliance.


How Does the AGGA Grow the Jaw Bones Forward?


Dr. Galella is the inventor of the AGGA. He believes the AGGA appliance stimulates a special spot on the roof of the mouth that triggers the body’s bone-building response. Namely a nerve on the palate. The pressure creates a rapid bone growth event throughout the entire head and face area. Dr. Galella created the Controlled Arch System. His mainly focuses on facial cosmetic and growth. Dr Galella is the founder of the Facial Beauty Institute. Galella is also involved with OrthoMatrix Corp.